Course Overview

 Electronics and communication Engineering is a field that involves complex electronic apparatus ,circuits and equipments that help in executing speedy and efficient communication systems. Electronics engage in research, design, development and testing of the electronic equipment used in various communication systems .The engineers design, fabricate ,maintain, supervise and manufacture electronic equipments used in computer ,communication industry defence, entertainment industry etc..

Besides giving a through grounding in basic sciences and engineering subjects, the curriculum in electronic and communication engineering lays greater emphasis on deep understanding of fundamental principles and state of the art knowledge about Electronic devices and circuits, VLSI ,Embedded systems, Microcontrollers, Computer hardware servicing and networking, Digital electronics, Digital communication. It aims to deep the knowledge of skills of the students on the basic concepts and theories that will equip the in their professional work involving analysis, systems, implementation, operation, production, and maintenance of the various applications in the field of Electronics And Communication Engineering.

Lab Facilities

The ECE department is having excellent and advanced laboratory facilities which are totally accessible to all students. The ECE lab is well equipped with modern equipments like storage Pico scope, CRO, RPS, PLC, Microcontrollers, fibre optic kit, Trainer kits, etc., students get easy access to the labs and are free to work on any project in conjunction with faculty . Experiments in the lab are carried out manually using discrete components so that students are very much familiar with connections and circuit diagram. Lab facilities are,

Electronic devices and circuits laboratory.

Electrical circuits and instrumentation laboratory.

Programming in C laboratory.

Computer application Practical for electronics Laboratory.

Industrial electronics and communication laboratory.

Integrated Circuits laboratory.

life and Employability skill laboratory.

Advanced communication system laboratory.

Microcontroller laboratory.

Very large scale integration laboratory.

Test engineering laboratory.

Embedded system laboratory.

ECE-Staff Profile

S.No Name Educational Qualification Year of Joining Working Experiance
1 PRASANNA M BE 2014 3 Years
2 DEVIBALA R BE 2014 3 Years
3 SUNDARAI N ME 2014 3 Years
4 SIVARANJANI J BE 2015 2 Years